User/Group Membership / Menu security

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User/Group Membership / Menu security

Security allows security policies to be defined and assigned to individual users or groups. It must be completed in a specific sequence. Otherwise, you could lock yourself out of a menu function because no one has been assigned to it.


The first stage is to use the Setup menu - to set the different permission levels you require, for example, below.


Different policies for Allowing access to Setup (Allow_Setup) and allowing access to the Process Menus (Allow_Process)


VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT - before you add the Setup_MainSecurity and SetupUserGroup menu options to a group, ensure that at least one user has been assigned to the group (you will add it to) … otherwise all users will not have access to those setup menus. Therefore you will not be able to assign users. So, leave these two menu options out until at least one user has been assigned to the Allow_Setup form policy before continuing






security_form A security button has been added to a number of the forms to allow security profiles to be created for those.




So, the Administrator can limit user access and object access on several essential forms, so limited down to which fields, buttons, grids, and pages can be accessed/viewed by a user.





Once you have created your form policies, you can use the User/Group settings menu option to create groups and assign form policies to those groups. I have created different groups, Administrator, Allow_Company_edit and Allow_Transfers.



We can then assign the users ALLOWED to use those functions; everyone else will not be allowed access to those functions.  (This is based on whether a function has been assigned to a security policy - so if I don't assign a report to a policy, then all users will have access)



If everything has been completely mucked up and security functions have been set incorrectly, and menus can not be accessed, you can press CTRL-SHIFT-9 to remove all security settings and start from scratch. Only the user with full access can achieve this type of hard reset.