User Details

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User Details

PDi CRM uses the Firebird security module, and so a Firebird user ID needs to be defined and linked to a Pastel user ID for each user that you wish to log in to CRM. This screen allows the system administrator to control user access details and settings.




User ID

This is the Pastel User ID


Enter a log-in ID that user will use to access PDi CRM

User Name

Enter the full name of the user

Initial View

Select which view/desktop will be loaded after the user logs in

Link to Sales Code

Link the user details to a Sage50c Pastel Code

Customer Grid Load

Select how the customer sidebar loads the customers, either All, only those linked to the sales code for this user, or based on the account access.

Document Access

Select which documents the user can create from the Sales Opportunity screen

User Email Method

Select which method to use for sending emails, the system default, MAPI, SMTP or direct to outlook.


Enter the email address of the user,


If connecting to SMTP then enter the users SMTP User ID to connect to the server

SMTP Password

Enter the password use to connect the with the supplied SMTP User

Create user in Firebird

This will create the user CRM ID within the Firebird security table if it does not already exist

Grant Access to Tables

Give access to the selected user

Revoke Access to tables

Revoke access to the tables for the selected user

Set / Change user password

By default the initial password will be LETMEIN use this function to alter the password to a new one

Create user specific system parameter entries

If you have a user who can not use the global parameters because their Pastel data is on a different mapped drive or the ODBC name is different, use this button to create the user-specific details.





Email Signature

Enter the simple email address to add to emails send from within CRM

Interactive with MAPI

If sending an email to your default MAPI client, this will attempt to show the email before sending

Skype Address

For display use only (obsolete)

Default word template

Enter / select the default word template that will be used for activities / task that do not have a template set

Default Activity type

Set the default activity type for a user when creating a new task/activity.

Security Level

Select the basic security level to use, this limits some functionality before the main security level is applied

Last Update

The last time the user accessed PDi CRM

Updated by

The last time the user details where updated

Last Accessed

The date the system was last accessed

Last Access Time

The last time the system was accessed





Access count

The number of times the user has accessed PDi CRM

Labour Cost

For service records labour costs can be linked to the specifically logged in user

Connection Information

If an activity / task is linked to send a connection information email the details will come from this field

Sales Opp Outlook Project folder

This will link a specific Outlook folder for the user to create and read Sales Opportunities

SharePoint password

This is used for the user to access the SharePoint site (along with the email address) when adding / viewing documents linked to Share Point.

User Document Folder

Specify the document folder that the user can access






SharePoint sitename

Link the user to a specific Share Point site name

SharePoint document folder

Link the user to a specific document folder within SharePoint