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Task Activity Codes

Task Activity Codes

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Task Activity Codes

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Task / Activities assigned to customers, prospects or suppliers can be linked to a specific activity. This activity controls the number of days, type of notes, document templates and email addresses to use (if applicable).


An activity can either be the main activity or a sub-activity hanging off the main activity. The default follows up days can be specified for a default follow-up date, which can be altered when the task/activity is created.




Task Description

Enter the description for the task displayed on all grids and task drop-down objects.

Follow up day(s)

The default number of days to set as the follow-up date

% Toward completion

If this is part of a sequence of tasks to reach the required outcome, enter the percentage of that sequence this task covers

Create task type

Select the type of task this should create, a Standard Note. The note is captured, and no more processing is required. Create email from a note, an email will be created using the note captured and sent to the address specified under the Email.


Next reference number

The task can be assigned a unique reference number for each activity type; enter the following reference number to assign here.


No New reference

If ticked, this will not change the assigned reference number. For example, if you have a parent activity/task code that assigns the task reference number and sub-activity/task codes that are stages and do not want the reference to be changed, then tick each sub-item. If the activity/task code is changed for a record and this is ticked, the reference number will not be reset.

If this is not ticked and the activity/task code is changed the reference number will be set to the next number or blank (if not reference number is defined).


Link to branch/store

If you wish to link this task / activity to a particular store / branch / department (however you have defined them), then select the code here from the available list

Document template

Will generate a document based on the template specified under the 'use document template' field. The document can be a word document or using a document defined with the PDI Internal Document (see taskletter.fr3 for an example)

Default Calendar Colour

Select a colour from the predefined list or use the Custom button to build your colour. PDi CRM Task Calendar will use this calendar, and grids will display the task activity using the background colour selected.

Block Activity

This will remove the activity from the list of available activities

Reoccurrence Activity


If this activity is to reoccur (this means when the task/activity is closed, a new task/activity is created x days from the close date (based on the follow-up days)

Reoccur week days only

This should be set if the next due date for the task/activity must always be on a weekday (the reoccur function is excellent for service calls, license renewals, inspections etc.)

Auto close linked task

The PDi CRM service will automatically close this task based on the action date.

Whiteboards default

Set the task to appear on the Whiteboards screen automatically.

Position nr

Use to indicate the position number of the sub-tasks with the main task.




Email Address to use

The email address can be one of the following:-


Use the Customer / Supplier email address, Use the Activities email address (the one captured as the activity email address), request an email address when the note is sent as an email or Use the customer/supplier email address and use the activities email address.

cc Email Address

If you require all tasks / activities to be sent to a given cc email address(es) then enter the email address here (this only relates to tasks that are set up to be emailed)

bcc Email Address

If you require a bcc email address(es) to receive notification of the task/activity then enter the email address here (this only relates to tasks that are set up to be emailed)

Exclude signature from task activity emails

If this is checked, then the user’s auto signature (from user settings) will not be added to the email.

Set up activity with reminder turned on

If you wish the activity to display a reminder pop-up, then tick this box (this can be overridden when the task/activity is created)

Default reminder mins, before

Enter the number of default minutes the reminder should be displayed before the actual activity start time






Send Message on new activity

Select the message layout to use if a new message is to be set. The Message store button will take the user to the message setup utility.

Message to send

Select the message to send when a new message is created.

Send Message on close activity

If a message needs to be sent when an activity is a closed, tick this box.

Message to send

Select the message to send when the activity is marked as closed

Send message as

The message on new and close can be sent using one of the following - Email, SMS, Email & SMS, none

Create a closed activity

To track the messages sent, a closed activity can be created when the message is sent on a new or closed activity




Outlook Appointment

Select the message to use when an Outlook appointment is created with this task

Outlook deferred message

Select the message to send on the deferred email that will be used when the reminder regarding the appointment is used

Outlook Connection

Select the message to send if an email with the connection details is required

Outlook Appointment Cancelled

Select the message to send when an appointment is cancelled within PDi CRM





Send message to channel

If a message is to be sent to Slack then tick to activate the functionality

Send to Channel

Select the channel to send the Task / Activity message

URL icon

Enter the icon to use when sending the Slack - see slack.com

Emoji code to use

Enter the emoji code to use - see slack.com



The PDiCRM service module can retrieve emails from a POP3 mailbox and then assign them task based on the values in the subject





Check email subject contains

If an incoming message is sent to the link POP3 mailbox and contains the value entered with the subject, a new task will be created with this activity/task code. The details will be added to the activity/task code if the subject includes this subject and a matching task reference number.

Assign task to CRM User

Select which user these activities should be assigned to, the user could re-assign once they appear on their list