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The customer desktop gives you direct access to the information held within Pastel. When changes to the primary address and contact information are made, this information is immediately updated within Pastel. Use the navigation sidebar or the nudge buttons to move through the available customers. The magnifying glass (zoom) button can also access a complete list of customers.




Both the grid and Postal address details are editable, and you can alter the information as required. Use the [Contact Details] and [New Contact for Account] buttons to create and amend your additional contact (or Delivery Addresses) as required.


This function tab also creates new notes, activities or tasks for the select contact.


Default Contact - this will display the customer's default contact information. This includes the same information as the blank default code on the [Contact Details] tab; and the Sage50 Pastel document and statement details.


Customer Terms - this displays the customer term and document processing details.




Additional Information - this displays the additional information assigned to the default customer contact record. Only the additional information records with a title will be displayed.




Customer Tags - displays the PDiTags assigned to the primary customer record. New PDiTags can be assigned to the customer, and created new PDiTags. Remove tags from a customer record by pressing the orange cross.