Age Analysis/Statement Reporting

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Age Analysis/Statement Reporting

The Age Analysis / Statement report is a special report that may not be available to all installed versions. The reports are linked to the User Defined document field set up process and will not function if this is not completed.


To execute these reports, data must be retrieved from Pastel’s open item table, allowing for updating allocation information held with CRM.


Retrieve / Update transactions: This process will retrieve the transactions and update all allocations, ensuring that the reported transactions will be up to date.


Clear fully allocated transactions: This will remove the full allocated transactions from the transaction file, reducing the size and making the reporting process quicker.






Clear all records on retrieval: if this is ticked, all existing transactions will be deleted before retrieving. This will ensure that no erroneous transactions exist within the reporting table.


Make the selections to produce the required report.


Report producing: Select either the Age Analysis style or statement style report. If the statement style report is selected, some options will not be available. Including a Separate page for each sales code, Report Type, suppress individual transactions and note types.


Report Date: Enter the date of the report; this will determine the ageing of outstanding values


Account number range: Enter the starting or ending account number to produce the required report against


Sales analysis range: Enter the starting or ending sales analysis code range to produce the report against


Customer category: Select the starting and ending customer category range to produce the report against


Separate page for each sales code: If this is ticked, then each salesperson(s) / analysis code will appear on separate pages


Report type: Select the age analysis report to produce; this can either be a Standard Report or an Age analysis grouped by sales code.


Suppress individual transactions: If this is ticked, then only the outstanding period balances will be displayed; if left not ticked, all outstanding individual transactions will be included in the report.


Statement message: If you are printing a statement style report, this message can be added to the report design. Enter the message you wish to appear on the statement; this may be general information, special comments to all clients, notifications etc.


Note types: If you are printing an age analysis style report, you can indicate which note types (activity types) should be included on the note. This makes the valuable report for credit chasing, giving the user of the last notes/comments for each customer.


Once the required selections have been made, press the [Start Report] button to begin the report creation process.