Document Printing

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Document Printing

This process will allow the creation of documents using the CRM internal report designer (several examples have been included).




Select the Print document type to generate and then the method to produce the documents, either by Document range or the document status (Unposted/Posted) and the date range to produce.


The destination and document layout to generate can also be selected, either the main document, the supporting (or alternative document), and a printed document summary.


For each type, the destination of the report can also be selected, including Window, Printer, PDF (all as one PDF) or Email PDF to each of the recipients.


If you intend to create a PDF document for emailing, you should make sure that you use a standard font across all operating systems. Otherwise, the recipient may not be able to view the PDF correctly.


Several example reports have been included, based on the Pastel Style layout and various combinations of layouts. Use one of the pre-defined styles as the beginning of your customised layout.