User Reports

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User Reports

CRM uses Fast-Reports as the internal report designer and engine. This allows the user to create reports against any data source that allows an ADO connection (via a direct OLE driver or an ODBC data source).


You can create reports against the CRM data and Pastel reports and any other data not even connected to Pastel or PDi CRM.


When a user report is added to the system, the user can indicate whether it should be made available in the report menu. If it is, then the reports will be listed under this menu option.




In this example, we have three user-defined reports, a History Lines Report, a list of open tasks and a simple label. How the report is set up will determine if we get any parameters to run the report against or if the report runs with the designed query.


If the History Lines Report is selected, we will get a report parameter box requesting the dates to return transactions for




NB: Important, the reports will run against the data selected during the report’s design. User reports will not be updated or altered.


Some example user-defined reports are installed during the default installation process.