Top x Item Report(s)...

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Top x Item Report(s)...

This function gives the ability to create a Top N style report based on the values selected.


There are two reports associated with this screen; the first lists the turnover for the period selected for this year and last year, current period volume, cost of sales, profit and gross profit percentage. The second report shows the volume sold for the current year period, last year period, volume variance between the two years and variance from the budget of the items (from the customer budgets).




The report can be filtered based on the item code and category range, and the period range can also be selected, allowing the user to run for a full fiscal year or any range of periods required.


Select the Report to produce either the 'turnover period comparison' report or the 'volume period comparison' report. The sort options will depend on the report selected, and these will determine the order of the Top n report.


For the 'turnover period comparison' report, the report can be sorted by 'Last Year Turnover', 'Current Year Turnover' and 'Last Year Volume Sold'. The 'volume period comparison' can be sorted by 'Last Year volume' or 'Current Year volume'. If you select an invalid comparison, i.e., running the 'turnover period comparison' and selecting the current year volume will give a beep, the report will not be executed.