Most profitable Customer / Products

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Most profitable Customer / Products

This report will show a list of customer or product profitability based on the Total Profit figure for the customer/product or the GP Margin %.


Select the report type to generate either the Customer Profitability or the Product Profitability from the drop-down list, and select a starting and ending date range. How far back you can include will depend on the amount of history you have within Pastel.


Also, the more extensive the data range, the longer the report will take to generate; for example, running the report for a two-year spread will be quicker than running for an eleven-year spread.


Select the order to base the report on either Total Profit or GP Margin.


Set the Number of records you wish to list, leave as zero to view all records.


Once the selections have been made, press the Start Report button to begin the report creation process.