Task View

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Task View

The Task View gives a list of activities in a grid format; the grid is customisable in that you can change the order, size and group by the required columns. Certain information within the grid can also be edited, or the [View/Edit activity] button can be pushed to display the main Task / Activity entry screen.


The [Create Follow-up activity] button will close the currently selected activity and create a new activity transferring the required information; the new activity can be added to alter follow updates, users assigned etc.


The type of activities (i.e., whether you view open, closed, and all activities) can be changed using the drop-down list box; the date range of outstanding tasks can also be changed using the date range boxes.


The contact details for the active task can also be viewed above the grid; this is for reference only, and information cannot be altered within this screen.


This grid view can also be used to create new activity/tasks and print activity listings. If the task/activity code is assigned a colour, the type will be displayed with that colour.


The Task View grid can also be filtered by any column and tasks assigned to the user.