Calendar Task View

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Calendar Task View

The calendar task view gives a calendar style representation of tasks/activities linked to customers, prospects or suppliers.


The view shows a month calendar with days that contain activities to be completed with a red oval around them. The weekly task view contains the activities that need to be completed and assigned by date and time. If you have more than one activity in a given period, click on the column header to expand the day’s width and click again to reduce it.


Activities can also be clicked on to display the main Task / Activity window found within the Customer, Prospect and Supplier data views. The contact information display will be for the currently active task.




You can change the tasks to view using the drop list box of options; the available views are


All Open Activities

Your Open Activities

All activities opened or closed

All your activities opened or closed

All closed activities

All your closed activities


Even if you select to view available activities, you will not see activities/tasks as private if you are not assigned to them.


Tasks can also be filtered further by viewing tasks assigned to specific users and activity types using the linked drop-down box.


Click a task entry to view the basic information; double-clicking displays the Activity / Task main screen.