Supplier Document Requests / Creations

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Supplier Document Requests / Creations

Sales Opportunities and sales orders can be used as the starting point to generate supplier requests for quotations and generate purchase orders directly within Sage50c Pastel Partner.




The supplier document screen will load all the valid item codes from the Sales Opportunity or Sales Order. Multiple requests can be made by entering the supplier account and pressing the Generate Document button. A document will be generated for sending to the supplier(s). The document layout can be adjusted with all reporting and document layouts within PDi CRM.


Previous requests for quotes can be re-printed using the [Re-print prior document] button. A simple finder will display all the previously generated documents for all suppliers.


Double-click the required document to re-generate the supplier document.



If the document type is changed to Create Purchase Order, then additional pricing columns will be displayed within the grid.




Enter the pricing agreed with the supplier and select the lines to include on the purchase order. Pressing the [Generate Document] button will generate a supplier document within Sage50c Pastel and generate a purchase order using the PDi CRM document layout.  The supplier document will then be available within Sage50c Pastel for general processing, linking to Goods Received notes, purchase invoices etc.