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Add Audit Logging

Add Audit Logging

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Add Audit Logging

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This is an advanced function that will record all updates, insert and deletions from the tables that have been selected to include audit logging. All changes on an audited table are recorded at the field level. Support team;, and IT departments can use the audit table to locate any changes or records that have been removed.




Select the CRM Database to review/change audit logging and press the Connect button. The grid will display all tables that currently have logging applied. Use the Add Auditing column to turn on audit logging for the select table. If audit logging has already been turned on, it can be turned on by ticking the Remove Auditing column.


There is no reason to turn on audit logging for all tables; this could increase the size of the CRM database and slow down functionality if all tables are auditing field changes.


We recommend that only the main Tasks / Sales Opportunity type table are turned on if Audit logging is required.


tipbulbNot all fields appearing in audit log

If fields are not being audited, it may be a new field that has been added since you turned on auditing. Simply remove and add back audit logging to include all new fields.

No existing records will be removed