Service Documents

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Service Documents

Create service documents for a single serial number recording the required information. The following job number will be assigned automatically; there is also the ability to record an internal job number.

The labour cost will populate based on the currently active user or the default from the system options screen; record the number of hours worked if required.


The full notes section captures complete information regarding the service or repair, work carried out, tests run, etc.


The grid allows for the capture of item codes used on the service or repair and sundry costs and remarks.


The serial number is linked automatically when creating a service document from a task or activity.  Otherwise, the serial number can be attached using the serial finder.


The card grid displays the attached serial number information to assign the correct serial number.


Link the contact type to the service document and the required account and contact details. Prospects can be linked to service documents, but it usually is customers. When creating a service document from a task or the customer account is set automatically.


Printing the service document can be designed to fit the requirements; the default shows the full details, costing lines, and the complete document notes captured.


Labour Rate is only used on service documents; repairs generated and billed to customers should have a financial line (or item code) added for the labour charge.






Pastel application: If the inventory journal does not exist for the user, a skeleton file needs to be copied to the Sage50c Pastel company folder; this can be found in the Sage50c Pastel application folder.


Posting Date: Enter the date that the inventory journal should be posted in Sage50c Pastel


Allocate sundry costs across item quantities: When ticked, the total sundry costs are equally divided across the physical item codes.


Post multiple service records: When ticked, a finder of open service documents is displayed, allowing service documents to be selected and transferred to the inventory journal batch.






The sidebar will show all open service/repair documents for the selected door, making it easier to find the documents to process. Multiple documents can also be linked to each service document, as with all document links; these can be local documents, cloud-sourced and outlook message store items.


Different documents can be created; use the PDi CRM document selector to choose which report to use and then press the Print Document button to generate. The layouts could be internal requisitions, labels or financial documents.