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This screen will attempt to create the named database within PVSW and ODBC. This connects your CRM and Sage 50c Pastel databases for reporting, finders and widgets.





Connect to Pervasive server: Enter the machine/server used as your Pervasive / Actian database server. Once entered, press the [Connect to pervasive server] to complete the connection and retrieve any currently created Pervasive data sources.


Enter the name of your data source: If a data source already exists, select it from the list. Otherwise, enter a name that you will recognise in the future.


Description for your DSN: Enter a meaning description to help indicate what this was created for or connects to


Path to your Sage 50c Pastel Data: Enter the UNC path or mapped drive (if the same for all users) to the Sage50c Pastel data that needs to be accessed for this DSN/ODBC


Create DSN - This will create the DSN and ODBC on the server.


Create Local user DSN Only - This will create on the local machine only.


NB: This function will only work if the user has sufficient rights to create DSN / ODBC on the remote machine and/or locally.