New CRM Database

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New CRM Database

This Option will create a new empty CRM Database and link it to your Sage50c Pastel accounting data.




Enter a new CRM Database to create: Enter the drive, path and filename for your new CRM Database. This must be on a physical drive on the machine where the Firebird Server was installed. Enter the path relative to that machine.


Sage50c Pastel Data: Enter the UNC path or mapped drive (if the same for all users) to your Sage50c Pastel Data


ODBC  - Enter the DSN/ODBC that has been created previously. If the name is entered as PDICRMPASTEL, the application will attempt to change the local user ODBC settings when they login to the company. Depending on the user rights, this may fail.


Create tasks/activities from customer notes - If you have notes linked to customers within Sage50c Pastel and would like those transferred as Tasks/Activities, tick this box.


Once the settings have been made, press the [Create CRM Database] button to start the process.