Campaign Start

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Campaign Start

This function allows the user to start campaigns that have not already been started and have at least one defined activity that has not been started and is not complete.




The list will show all campaigns that can be started and flag the [Start Campaign] box to yes. If you do not want to start a campaign, uncheck the box as required and press the [Start campaigns...] button to commence the process.


The start campaign process is as follows:


1. The campaign header’s actual start date will be updated with today's date, and the campaign will be flagged as started

2. The first activity to be started with be flagged as started and the actual date flagged with today's date

3. A task activity will be created for the user to follow-up

3. A message will be created that can be viewed within the Campaign desktop indicating that an activity has been assigned to them


The campaign desktop is the central processing area for the user and campaigns.