WooCommerce Stock / Price Transfer

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WooCommerce Stock / Price Transfer

This function will load Sage50c Pastel inventory items that have already been mapped to WooCommerce and exist with the PDi CRM mapping tables.


Enter the item range to update WooCommerce by selecting the Item code range and Inventory Category range. Indicate which stores will be used to calculate the stock level and the Transfer price list. Press the Retrieve Pastel Products to load all the existing mapped products to the screen. Indicate which item codes to transfer and whether to update the stock and pricing by ticking the appropriate options.


Once all items have been selected and the values to update, press the Send selected updates to update the required stock items in WooCommerce.







Retrieve/update product id / SKU from WooCommerce - this function will load products from WooCommerce and attempt to map them to Pastel. All existing mappings will be deleted by checking the Clear out before retrieving the option. Retrieving product information WooCommerce can take some time, and SKU codes must already be matched within WooCommerce and Sage50c Pastel.