System Parameters

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System Parameters

When a connection is made to a PDI CRM database, it needs to know what Pastel data to link up with and what ODBC definition it needs to use for REPORTING ONLY. This screen allows the global settings to be made (user settings can be made if you have a user that needs to use a completely different set of parameters).


Link to Pastel company: Enter the path (which, as shown below, can be a UNC path) of your Pastel data. We recommend using a shared mapped drive across all users if you are using a mapped drive. You can set up different parameters per user; it makes it easier to keep a single global parameter setting.


Shared Report path: Reports by default (if left blank) will be loaded from the reports folder below the application folder. However, if you wish to use a shared path to keep all reports in the exact location, making updating and specific layouts available across all users, then set the shared report path.


Shared PDF report for internal reports generator: If you do not specify a path, all PDFs will be created in a PDF folder below the application folder. If you wish to keep PDFs within a central location, enter the path here (UNC path can be set here).





Reporting: The system requires an ODBC connection to your data for reports to function correctly. If the default PDi CRM ODBC name specifies, then the pervasive named database settings will be updated. You must specify the location of your Pervasive server's name, user name and password (if required) and the data location relative to the Pervasive server.


Depending on your installation of Pervasive, then you may not get a successful result from this (especially if you are using the Client/Server version of Pervasive).


This will typically be down to security issues of remotely updating Pervasive named database settings.


For this reason, you can set up your own ODBC / Pervasive named database and set this information. Because the ODBC name is not PDi CRM, the application will not attempt to alter the settings, even if you capture information in the fields below.


If you need more information on setting up named databases within Pervasive and ODBC creation, then visit our website at