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PDi Spirit CRM for Pastel Partner Accounting is just for Customer Relation Management; no, you can also get at your Supplier information and capture additional contacts (which you cannot do within Pastel itself), view purchases, track activity/tasks and maintain the products you purchase from a supplier.




Both the grid and Postal address details are editable, and you can alter the information as required. Use the [Contact Details] and [New Contact for Account] buttons to create and amend your additional contact.


This function tab also gives you the ability to create new notes, activities or tasks for the select contact.


NB: As Pastel Partner does not have additional contacts for suppliers within the application, only the main address and contact details are saved back into Pastel.


Supplier Tags - Supplier tags can be assigned to the main prospect record. Existing PDiTags can be assigned as well as creating new PDiTags. Tags can be used to generate mailings; Tag reports as required.