Supplier Pricing

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Supplier Pricing

Sage50c Pastel Partner accounting data doesn't have a place to capture supplier pricing based on quantity breaks. This tab and linked grid allow for capturing extra supplier pricing information that cannot be captured in Pastel. While these prices will not be used in Sage50c Pastel documents, it allows for information to be reported using the PDi CRM user reports or widgets.





Multiple supplier information can be captured for each product, including the following information not available within Sage50 Pastel Accounting.


Notes: Capture additional notes or information for the inventory code and supplier.


Currency: The currency code the pricing is being captured in.


Expires / Set Expiry date: The date the pricing expires for this supplier and inventory item code.


Lead Time Day(s): The number of days it usually takes to receive the product from order.


Supplier Reference: The supplier item code (this is taken from Sage50c Pastel).


Quantity and pricing break: Enter the pricing break based on Quantity 1 - Quantity 2 (-1), Quantity 2 - Quantity 3 (-1), Quantity 3 and then the relevant pricing.


Set checked to expire dates to - this function allows the user to update the expiry date of the lines flagged as Set Expire date. Pressing the [Set expires dates] button will update all items on the active grid with the new expiry date.