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PDi CRM for Pastel Partner Accounting isn't just about Customer management or Supplier management but also inventory management. With PDi CRM, you can maintain and view product history and stock from a central location.


The main inventory tab gives you the global settings for the item across all stores, including the item description, item category, item bar code, item unit of measure, discount logic, commodity code and the net mass. This screen also allows the user to select the default Tax percentage for sales and purchases and the logic used in document processing.


Store details, the bottom section of the form contains the information related; select the store first, and then you can alter the leading inventory group (this is the group within Pastel that controls the general ledger codes for sales, purchases, and stock holding etc.). The user also has access to the Bin Number, the last purchase cost, and the product’s image. You can also view the current item average cost for the product, the last invoice, purchase dates and last purchase cost for the product