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The status tab allows the current status of the sales opportunity; the status can be one of the following:


In progress - the sales opportunity is still in progress and waiting completely

Won - the sales opportunity has been won and turned into an order

Unsuccessful - the sales opportunity was not successful and did not turn into an order

Abandon - the sales opportunity was abandoned

Suspended - the sales opportunity has been suspended and may be re-opened at another time

Duplicate - the details have already been captured under another sales opportunity


Several reports give details on the current status and can be used to track the status of your sales opportunity and the percentage win rate.


The Completion Date will be available once the status has been changed from In Progress; this is the same as the Last Invoice No. field, which will show the last invoice created if you have multiple billing. The Actual Sales and Costs Values will be based on the invoices raised for the sales opportunity.