Starting PDi CRM for the first time

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Starting PDi CRM for the first time

When you start PDI CRM for the first time, you will need to enter the path to the new PDI CRM Firebird database and also the initial connection details.




Connect to the data source: This is either the Firebird Alias or the path relative to the Firebird Server. In our database creation, we specified a path of c:\pastelxx\_demo\pdicrmdata.fdb, so this would be entered here.


User ID: This is the Firebird User ID and has nothing to do with your Pastel user details. As we have not created or assigned any Firebird Users, this will be the default Firebird User ID of SYSDBA.


User Password: This is the Firebird password (not your Pastel password), and for the default Firebird user ID, this is masterkey


NB: Passwords and User ID are case sensitive