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PDi CRM for Pastel Partner has the functionality of allowing Prospect details to be captured. This allows the user to create Prospects, contacts, tasks/activities and sales opportunities details without opening an account in Pastel Partner Accounting.


If the prospect turns into a customer, then the prospect can easily be turned into a Pastel customer account easily and all the required information is captured in Pastel.




Both the grid and Postal address details are editable, and you can alter the information as required. Use the [Contact Details] and [New Contact for Account] buttons to create and amend your additional contact (or Delivery Addresses) as required.


This function tab creates new notes, and activities or tasks for the select contact.


Prospect Tags - Prospect tags can be assigned to the main prospect record. Existing PDiTags can be assigned as well as creating new PDiTags. Tags can be used to generate mailings; Tag reports as required.