PDI Serial Information - New/Edit

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PDI Serial Information - New/Edit

The product serial new and edit information screen allows for the complete details to be captured.




Store code: If the Sage Pastel multi-store module is installed, enter the store code where this item is located or was issued from.


Serial No: The serial number can be updated if it has been previously incorrect.


Supplier code: Enter or capture the purchasing supplier; the supplier's description will be displayed.


Date Rec. In:  The received into the stock date can be entered in this field.


Date Out: Enter the date that the serial number was issued or was taken out.


Unit Cost: Enter the unit cost for this serial number. It will initially default to the average cost held within Sage Pastel.


Last Service: Enter the last service of the unit; this will update the next service.


Service Internal: This represents the number of days between services.


Next Service: The service due date for this serial number is based on the last service date plus the number of days between services.


Unit Status: Select the current unit status; the last unit status will be updated automatically based on the unit status if changed.


Last Unit Status: Change the previous unit status if required; however, the status will change when the unit status is altered.


Unit available: Indicates whether the unit is available.


Blocked: Block the serial number if it has a history but should never be used in Tasks or service documents again.


Full Notes: Enter additional information for this serial number.


Print History: A complete history of serial numbers, including service documents, linked tasks, and serial numbers.