Move User Open Transactions

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Move User Open Transactions

This function will allow open transactions assigned to a user to be moved to a new user.

Select the existing user to whom the transactions are assigned and the new user ID to which the transactions should be assigned.

Select existing transactions that need to be changed; all possible options are selected by default.



Sales Opportunities – the open records assigned to the existing user that should be moved to the new user

Sales Opportunities Simple Tasks – Sales opportunities have a simple task list; select to move the simple tasks from the existing user to the new user.

Tasks – the main open tasks assigned to the selected user and move them to the new user.

General Tasks – the general tasks are a simple list of tasks not linked to any master record. The open tasks will be moved from existing to new users.

Campaign Activities – Activities within a campaign can be assigned to a user for completion. The activities not completed will be moved from the selected user to the new user.

Campaign Prospects – the calling list of a campaign can be assigned to individual users. The selected user-assigned prospects will be moved to the new user.