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The Firebird RDBMS is a fully functioning SQL compliant database that can be downloaded and installed for free from the Firebird project website.


You can also download the Firebird RDBMS from our website at the following URL.


If you are setting up PDi CRM on a single machine, then you need to install the server and client DLLs on the single machine. If, you are installing in a workgroup or server environment, then you need to install the Server components on the machine acting as the server (making sure that it is running). You must then install the Firebird Client DLLs on each machine to make communication between the client workstation and the Firebird server software.



In addition, PDi CRM uses an ODBC connection to report from the Firebird Server and so the Firebird ODBC must be installed on each workstation and server if you intend to use the application on the server.


The Firebird ODBC can also be downloaded from the Firebird project website or by using the following URL:


A tutorial video is available via You Tube to guide you through all the required component installations.