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The documents tab allows you to add links to multiple documents associated with the prospect. These could be business agreements, plans, pricing documents, plans, workflows any document has been created and saved to an accessible location.




Use the [Add Document] to add any available document on your local or network (if you enter a local document, then it will not be available to other users). The [Detach Document] button will detach the document from the customer list of documents; it will not remove the document physically from your storage device.


The [Open Document] button will open the document using the application associated with the document's extension. If the document extension is not associated with any application, then the document will not be opened.


You can assign a brief description of the document, to make location easier and the date entered can also be altered if you don't want to set it to the date the document was added.


Documents can be linked to local file sources, cloud-sourced documents and the Outlook Message store.