Document Reports by Language

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Document Reports by Language

This screen allows the user to define the layouts for each document type. The screenshot below shows the Afrikaans language selected and the default report used for customers assigned the Afrikaans language.  Documents can also be defined for unique layout types, such as quotations, sales orders, invoices and credit notes.


Document type: Select the document type to assign the layout to; this can be Default Report for all reports or specific Pastel document types.


Report name: The report layout to use for the main document


Alternative document: You can print supporting documents for a report, and this can have different layouts from the main document. If not specified, then the default report will be used.


Printer for the main document: Select the printer to use when printing the main document


Printer for support document: Select the printer to use when printing the supporting document. For example, picking slips may need to go directly to the warehouse printer.


Paper bins for reports: If you wish to use different paper sizes from different bins, then you can specify the bin to be selected


No. of copies: Enter the number of copies to print when a report is printed to the selected printer


A sample layout has been included in pastelinvoice100afr.fr3 that shows how you can define the report and link a different inventory description for the language code.