Customer budget report

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Customer budget report

Filter the data you wish to include on the report by setting the ranges for Customer Account, Customer Category, Sales Rep (Analysis) code, Item Category and Item code range.


Report Type: The customer budget report has two main reports, Budget This Year / Last Year Month to Date or Actuals -v- Budgets Monthly.


Depending on the report type will determine what Budget types will be available. If you have selected the Actuals -v- Budgets Monthly report type, then you can select the budget type from This Year (Sales), Last Year (Sales), Future (Sales), This Year (Qty), Last Year (Qty), and Future (Qty).


If the other type of report is selected, then you can set the Month to Date and limit which items are shown either the Value % Variance is more significant than a certain amount or the Qty % Variance greater than the amount specified.


Group Order: Select the grouping on the report; this can be by Customer, Customer Category, Sales Rep or Product Category.


Summary Report: If a summary only reports is required, then tick this and the report will hide all the details and leave the totals for the selected grouping order. The summary report is only available for the Actuals-v-Budgets monthly report type.


Refresh Actuals - tick this box if you wish the actuals to be updated before the report is run. You should use the Actuals update application (crmactuals.exe), running overnight, always to have the latest actuals.


Refresh pastel Report link: CRM has some simple master tables that contain essential information (i.e., descriptions) for customers, categories, products, sales codes etc. If you find that descriptions are missing, you can press this button to update the tables. Depending on the size of your Pastel data will determine how long it takes to refresh the report data. We recommend that one user has the Load_Brief_ReportData_OnStartup setting set on so that when the user starts CRM, it automatically updates the Brief Reporting data.


The brief reporting data can also be updated from the Help menu.





Customer Budgets report Actuals -v- Budget Monthly

Customer Budgets report Actuals -v- Budget Monthly