CRM Actuals application

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CRM Actuals application


The PDi CRMActuals.exe application is a utility that will update the actuals if the customer budget at item level functionality is used. This process can take some time to update all actuals; this function allows the process to be scheduled to run when it does not affect the day-to-day business operation; while still ensuring that reports are up to date.




CRM Data to update: Enter the CRM data table and path or Firebird alias that you wish to be updated. The database path and name are entered relative to the Firebird server.


Pastel data to update from: Enter the location of the Pastel data that you wish to update the actuals from; this can be a mapped drive to Pastel.


CRM User name/password: Enter the Firebird user name and password that has rights to the entered CRM Data path.


Next run time: Enter the date and time that this process should be executed


Run every x day: This will add the number of days entered to the next run time on a successful completion.


Check for next run every: This value is when the application checks to see if it has reached or passed the next run time.