Campaign Desktop - Prospects

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Campaign Desktop - Prospects

This will list all prospects assigned to the user or assigned to no user. The default contact information will be displayed for each prospect contact. The user can change the [Status] by selecting the available drop-down list. Use the [Refresh] button to update the list of prospects as and when required.




Start Questions - This will display the first question for the selected prospect, allowing the question to be answered and moved on to the next one


Create Task - This will create a task linked to the prospect, allowing the user to create a follow-up or create a task for another user to follow up.


Update Task - This will display the CRM task screen, allow the task linked to the prospect to be updated


Create Sales Opp - if a sale has been made, this will allow the sales opportunity to be created for the selected products/services.


Edit Sales Opp - if the prospect is linked to the sales opportunity for this activity, then this will display the sales opportunity screen.