Campaign - Statistics

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Campaign - Statistics

This screen allows the user to view basic statistics for the selected campaign. Use the Campaigns to show statistics to load the campaigns based on the date selected, select a campaign and press the View Stats button to display the required information.




Display report - will display the complete metric information, including the graphs that show.

Show Panels / Show All Panels / Close all Panels - use these buttons to show/hide the required panels.


Sales opportunities will display the number of sales opportunities in graph format based on the status.

Campaign created sales opportunities will list all the sales opportunities created linked to the campaign header.

Campaign expected / actual responses will display the number of expected sales/responses and the actual number of items flagged as sales made / sales opportunities created.

Prospect Call results - This will display the results of the prospect call status - highlighting the actual number of sales made

Stage budget -v- Actuals - This will display the budgets and actual costs assigned to each activity and the grid information.

Questions / Answers - this will give the user an overview of each question asked to the prospects and the results.