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The PDI CRM About screen gives you access to information regarding the current settings the system is using. This can be helpful if you need to make adjustments or register your application past its trial period.




Licensed to: This will display the company/user that the application is licensed to

Version: The current version of the application you are running and the current database version - this is the internal CRM data version, not the version of Firebird

Days Left and Expires on: This will display the number of days you have until the application expires.
Pastel data: The path to the current Pastel data that CRM is reading from

CRM Data: The location, including the server details of your Firebird database

User local folder: This is the location of the users' local settings, including configuration settings for Firebird, last know grid settings. Double-click the folder to browse to this folder location. Please note that the folder location depends on the version of Windows you are using and may not be the same as shown above.

Reports Folder: The folder that reports are being loaded from


Reports engine: The version of the reports engine used for the report.


Remote Sessions allowed: If your license allows remote desktop connections to run the application, this will appear as Yes.


Maximum Allowed connections: Indicates the number of concurrent connections you are allowed in a Terminal Service or remote desktop environment.


FB Client version: Displays the version of the FBCLIENT.DLL component you are using to connect to the Firebird server


FB Version: The version of the Firebird RDBMS server you are using


Client library: The location of the FBCLIENT.DLL that is being used by the application to transmit data between the client and server


Access to Pastel Data format: This will indicate which versions of Pastels data you are licensed to connect to


Use PDI Internal reports: We recommend that this be ticked and that the internal reports engine is used rather than crystal reports. In coming versions, Crystal reports will be removed as the report engine.


Refresh: This will refresh the settings on the above screen


Register CRM: complete the registration form and submit it to your local PDI Spirit dealer. Once payment has been made, your license file will be returned.


INI Settings: Several settings are unique to the local user and are stored within a text information file. Use this screen to make the changes as required. Changes should only be made if you have been instructed to do so.