Sales Opportunity costs

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Sales Opportunity costs

This tab allows you to capture costs that may have come from suppliers related to this sales opportunity, especially if the status has been turned in to win. As many costs as required can be entered; use the buttons below the grid to maintain the cost records for this sales opportunity.




If you double click the cost line, or press the [New Cost] or [Edit Cost] buttons, a screen similar to the following will be displayed.




Original cost: Enter the original cost quoted by the supplier.


Revised cost: Enter the revised cost if the supplier has altered the details


Exchange Rate: Enter the exchange rate if costs from the supplier are in a foreign currency


Markup %: Enter the markup percentage to achieve the required selling price


Selling Price: Overtype the selling price if you wish to alter or round.


Annual Lic. Fee: If the cost is subject to an annual license fee, enter the value here. This may also be an annual maintenance fee.


Projected quote to the client: Enter the projected quote for this portion of the project that has been passed on to the client


Quoted to client lic. fee: Enter the amount quoted to the client to cover the license fee cost from the supplier.


Invoiced to client: Enter the amount that has already been invoiced to the customer for this item/supplier cost.


Amount paid by client: Enter the customer’s amount already been paid.


Quoted by Supplier: Captured the amount quoted by the supplier.


Invoiced by Supplier: Enter the actual amount that the supplier has invoiced.


Paid to Supplier: Enter the actual amount that has been paid to the supplier.


Supplier Reference: Enter the Supplier reference for this supplier cost.


Supplier Invoice No.: Enter the supplier’s invoice number for this cost item.


Our Order-Nr. Enter the order number related to this document, which may be a sales order or invoice number.


Invoice No to client: Select or enter the invoice raised within Pastel Partner for this cost


Supplier Account: Enter the supplier account number for this cost entry.


Brief Details: Enter some brief details regarding this cost.