Maintain Sales Code Budgets

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Maintain Sales Code Budgets

PDi CRM can report on budgets by Sales Codes against actual sales from Sage50c Pastel. The maintenance screen will allow for the budgets for this year, last year, and future years to be maintained. Budgets can be maintained for actual quantities and actual sales.


Sales code start

Enter or use the finder to select the sales rep analysis code

Sales code end

Enter or use the finder to select the sales rep analysis code

Retrieve Budgets

Press to load the budgets for the selected sales rep analysis code range.

Select sales code to maintain

The drop-down list will be populated with the sales rep analysis codes based on the selection made. Select the sales rep description to maintain.
The grid will be loaded with the quantity and sales budgets for each period this year, last year and the future.


Save changes to budgets


Cancel any changes and revert

Clear Figures

Clear all figures and start from zero

Set Values to apply

The quantity or sales values can be set based on a single value divided between the 12 periods. Select the value type to apply (quantity or sales) and enter the value to spread across either This Year, Last Year or Future balances. Press the [GO] button to apply the values across the required columns.