Maintain Customer / Category Pricing

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Maintain Customer / Category Pricing

Customer / Category pricing function allows for the creation of pricing for Categories, or customers based on three pricing types


Test Entry

Creation of a pricing module for customers or categories with selected products to see the effect on GP% and additional discounts assigned to a customer category

Work in Progress

The creation of a pricing module that will most likely become a final price but needs to be completed

Final Price

The actual pricing module for customers or categories that will be transferred to Sage50c Pastel Accounting



The Finder will display a list of previous created pricing modules for either customers or categories. The existing pricing module can then be loaded by selecting and press the Load selected prices button





If a new pricing module is required, make the selections and press the Load pricing button to start new pricing. If a pricing module exists with the same settings, then it will be loaded.


Pricing type

Select either customer category or customer

Limit to Code

The PDi CRM finder will is linked based on the Pricing type selected. If categories, then Sage50c Pastel customer categories will be loaded; otherwise, Sage50c Pastel customers are loaded into the finder.

Price date range

Enter the range starting and expiry date for the pricing module

Price type

Select the pricing type from the available Test Entry, Work in Progress and Final Price


Press Load pricing. If an existing price module exists with the selected parameters, it will be loaded otherwise a new pricing module will be created

When loading a price module, the ability to load missing products can be automatically added to the grid. This will load all Sage50c Pastel products (not blocked). If the answer is No, then only previously added item codes will be displayed, and for a new pricing module, it will be empty.





Once loaded the main parameters will be disabled until the End Price Update is pressed and the next pricing module can be loaded.


Delete duplicates

Remove the additional lines with the same product, code, date range, pricing type, and status type. Only one record should exist for each parameter type.

Change date range


Changes the starting and expiry (ending) date for the currently loaded pricing module


Change price type


Allows the pricing module to be changed from Test to Work in Progress, or to Final


Once the price module is loaded, new lines and products can be added and the exclusive price set.



Deletes the currently active product line

Delete expired

Deletes all the product pricing where the end price is before the current system date

Delete All

Deletes all the product pricing lines.

Export to Excel

Export the pricing grid to Excel

Print Prices

Generates a report containing the pricing, costs, GP % and additional pricing

Customer Price List

Generates a report that can be supplied to customers. As with all PDi CRM reports, this can be formatted to include company logos and font style.