Customer Order regularity

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Customer Order regularity

The customer order regularity report creates a simple statistical report allowing for further analysis within the organisation. The report allows the user to limit the customers based on customer category range and sales code range and exclude customers already blocked within Partner Accounting.


The report can then be grouped by Customer category or sales analysis code to give a breakdown required at the higher level.


Set the number of days since a customer’s invoice to mark that customer as inactive on the final report.


The report will display the following information, extracted from the Partner History tables (so if you clear history, this may not be a complete snapshot)


The date the first invoice was received, the total number of invoices raised against the customer, the total days they have been a customer, and the average number of days between orders.


The report also gives the total invoice value, the average total invoice value, and the last invoice posted against the customer's account. The number of credits and credit values are also included to see if there is an issue with customer performance. If the current date is based on the number of days since the last invoice was posted, the customer will be flagged as Not active.


The report can look at customer loyalty, issues within specific customer categories, or sales analysis codes. If you use sales analysis codes to track advertising, you can see the result of orders from a given advertising campaign.