Cube Data Source

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Cube Data Source

This screen allows the user to select a previously saved SQL statement to retrieve the required data and create new ones.



The data source can either be from the CRM Firebird data or the Pastel Pervasive data (the source can not be both).


The SQL is executed, and data is extracted with the user DBL-Clicks on the cube details in the grid or selects a cube data source and presses the Open Data for cube use... button.


The SQL statement can be edited using the Edit SQL button and tested for errors using the Test SQL... button.


If you wish the user to include other selections when the SQL statement is executed, parameters can be included in the WHERE section of the SQL Statement. Parameter names are prefixed with a colon (:) before the name. So, for example, if we wanted to limit the document date range of data extracted from Pastels history tables, then our where statement might include





When the SQL statement is executed, a parameter screen is displayed, allowing the user to enter the required date range (and any other parameters) to limit the amount of data returned.


Give the parameter a meaningful name so that the user understands what information is required.


Limiting data is not always required; it depends on the amount of data you require to analyse and if you want to limit it for a specific period.



When the data source is opened, and the data extracted, the DOLAP Area will be opened.